Jewelry Care

Shine bright in your favorite jewelry with our guide to proper sterling silver jewelry care.

We finish all of our sterling silver jewelry with a tarnish-resistant coating to extend the wear of every piece. Each piece of jewelry is also shipped with an anti-tarnish paper that helps absorb moisture during shipment.

1. Wipe your jewelry clean after each wear to remove excess perfume, lotions, and oils. 

2. Avoid exposure to water. Remove jewelry before bathing or showering to prevent rusting or tarnishing. 

3. When not wearing, store your jewelry in a safe, dry place - like our recycled faux-suede-lined jewelry boxes!

  • Quality & Sustainability

    We work to be a sustainable company by using the highest-quality recycled materials in our products and packaging.

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  • Our Story

    Giving gifts is the perfect way to show admiration, love, and appreciation. That is what inspired us to create the ultimate jewelry gifting experience.

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  • Giving Back

    We are committed to donating a portion of our proceeds to non-profit organizations dedicated to assisting individuals and families in need.

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